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PROF. Adriano Ciani



BORN: 1946- Gualdo Cattaneo (Perugia- ITALY)


Little knowledge of Turkish, Portuguese, Hungarian, German, Japanese, Lithuanian, Serbian.


ADDRESS: VIA BONOMI, 22 - 06100 Perugia



1980-1985 Provincial Councillor - Administration of Perugia.

1985-1990 Provincial Councillor -Administration of Perugia

sectors: Finance, Transport and Territory study center in the area.

1983-1990 Board member SASE spa - Perugia Airport

1985-1990 Board member CENTRO MODA - CTP spa

1991-1996 Vice President Institute Toscano Umbro Irrigation


The Scientific activities and research of Prof. Ciani's career has been directed to

b-Agricultural Economics

h-Rural and environamental SURVEY

i-International cooperation
i-Rural Tourism


Prof. Adriano Ciani wrote over 200 publications.


1974 - Study and research trip in Switzerland on the problems of Italian emigration.

1975 - From 04/01/1975 to 07/31/1980 Consultant at Institute of Rural Appraisal and Accounting Faculty of Agriculture - Perugia. Study and research trip in East Germany for the National Committee of Cultural Activities and Leisure in East Germany

1977-1978 – AgriuturalEconomist (land use and land capability) for Development Plan of the Mountain Community "Martani & Serano"Umbria (Italy).

1978 – Teacher of Agricultural Sciences and Technology Management at the ITAS-Todi (Perugia)

1978 - Central Commission of the Italian Ministry of Finance-Audit and development of Italian Land Cadastre.

1978 -Cooperative League Umbria (Italy). Efficiency, organizational, economical and financial audit and analys of Umbrian agricultural cooperative.

1980 - Provincial Councillor - Administration of Perugia.

1.8.1980 Researcher at the Institute of Rural Appraisal and Accounting-Faculty of Agriculture Perugia.

1982-1985 - Consultant of The VALDICHIANA supra-regional institution - based in Tuscany (Italy) for the construction of dams Chiascio Montedoglio.

1985 - Provincial Councillor - Administration of Perugia sectors: Finance, Transport and Territory. Coordinator of the project promote by CE.S.A.R. - Assisi and UNACOOP (Union Nacional Cooperativas) S. José for the establishment of a database of coopertives in Costa Rica.

1986/7 – Become Professor (II band) of Accounting Technology and Business Administration in Agriculture, at the University of Perugia

1988 - For REDA-Roma wrote a part of a text for higher technical colleges on agricultural censuses and the Land Cadastre. The work is characterized mainly by the methodological part.

1988 - Assoproduttori Livestock Umbri- study on management techniques, technology innovation project management and advanced business organization in Agriculture.

1987-1990 – Expert consultant for the Mountain Community “Valtiberina" for the project of hods of compensation\expropriation\implementation of an irrigation project and the Province of Arezzo and the evaluation of Environmental Impact Assessment irrigation project of plot of land 1 and 2 in the Province of Arezzo. Participates as agro-economist at the final draf on environmental impact of an irrigation project develop by Municipality of Arezzo (Italy). For the Mountain Community Valtiberina he makes a statistical sampling on compensation for expropriation for the construction of an irrigation system in the City in San Sepolcro (Italy)surface Ha. 1500.

1989 - Participates, on behalf of the “Montana Community Subasio” Umbria (Italy) with the Department of Valuation and Accounting of the Perugia University, at the evaluation studies on Colfiorito swamp.

1989-1990 – Teaching activity in Mogadishu University for MAE-DGDC (Italian Foreign Ministrer)

1990-Coordinator for Umbria Region of the project ENEA-CREATE (Center for Economic Research Environment)in Rome about environmental degradation, location of impacts, economic estimation.

1990 - On behalf of O.N.G. ARCS, based in Rome is engaged in a study of Zaguán Region (Tunisia) about land-use analysis, to improve farming techniques and population profit agricultural region.

1991-92 -Research activityes for MFA-DGDC on poplar cultivation in Turkey.

1993-1997 - Vice-President of the Irrigation Association Umbria and Tuscany.

1991-1998 – Consultant for the Consortium of Defense-Perugia and the Institute of Rural Appraisal and Accounting for the evaluation of hail damage.

1992 – Consultant for the University of Perugia-project on zoonoses in Tunisia funded by the MFA-DGDC.

1992 – Consultant for MFA-DGDC - Agricultural project in Tanzania Hombolo and Sharqia and Bilbeis (Egypt)

1992 – Appointed in two Technical and Scientific Commission appointed respectively by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF DEFENCE ASSOCIATIONS (AS.NA.CO.DI) by MAF. The first as member of the Permanent Technical Committee for the adaptation of policies and methodology of hail damage assessment and natural calamity, the second in quality of economic expert for the preparation of a quality mark Consortium 5R.

1992-1994 - Appointed, by the Institute of Rural Appraisal and Accounting, as responsible for operational research in relation to the drafting of a legislative database AGRITEX commissioned by the Company GTI IRI group.

1992-1996 - Appointed by the rector of his University to the organization of an accounting and monitoring centre for the catalogation and monitoration of Heritage Cottages in Umbria ina area of ​​2500 Ha.

1994-Appointed as expert member of the Court of Appeals of Perugia for the Section of Agriculture

1994 –Appointed by IRRES to a research on the evolution of agriculture in Umbria last decade as part of a draft programmatic verification of the Region of Umbria.

1995 - Appointed by the Institute of Rural Appraisal and Accounting as Project Manager, in a project on the Role of Tobacco in the Integrated Rural Development.

1996 - Appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to participate in bilateral commissions between Romania and Italy and Hungary and Italy for Scientific and Technological Cooperation Agreements

1997 - Appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to participate in the Bilateral Commission between Greece and Italy to the Agreement for Scientific and Technological Cooperation

1997 - It 's named honorary member of the Academic Senates of the Universities' Romanian: Agronomic Iasi, Cluj Agronomica, Alexandru Ioan Cuza of Iasi, Cluj and Maramures Bogdan Voda.

1997 -President of the Scientific and Cultural Association “Biosphera”.

1998 - Appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to participate in the Bilateral Commission between Romania and Italy to the Agreement for Scientific and Technological Cooperation

1998 -It's founder and President of the Informal Association IAERT (International Association of Experts in Rural Tourism)

1998-E 'appointed expert for Agricultural Science and Technology of the National Working Group for inaction. NCE (Central European Initiative) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1998 - It 's named in the Scientific Committee of the Regional Park of Umbria Colfiorito

1998 - Appointed by the Board of Perugia University as coordinator of the Foreign Relations Committee.

1998 - Appointed by the Rector of the Perugia University as scientific support to the activities of Ce.S.A.R.(Centre for Agricultural and Rural Development) for Development Cooperation Projects in Central and Latin America.

1999 - Appointed by the Rector of the Perugia University as coordinator of the network of Centres of Excellence for agro-industry, food technology and rural development, promoted by Ce.SI – In.Ce

2000 - Appointed Head of International Affairs at the Ce.SI (Centre for Agricultural and Rural Development)

2000 - Part of the Italo-Libyan MISSTA Commission for Problems of Education and Higher Education.

2000 - Short Course for Leader in Ho Chi Minh City National University of Vietnam about integrated and sustainable rural development.

2000 - Invited by the italian Embassy of Tokyo and the Waseda University of Tokyo as Speaker in a seminar on Italian farm and Rural Tourism.

2000 -Invited by the Ministry of Agriculture and dall'IPAT (panameño Institute for Tourism) to a Seminar in David on Rural Tourism.

2001-2009 - Appointed as Scientific Officer at the Embassy of Italy in Tirana

2009 - He returned to service at Perugia University as a Professor of Agricultural Economics and Rural Appraisal

2009 - Appointed member of the Scientific Committee of PRO-ADRIA Commitee for Fight against organised crime held up by the Adriatic and Balkans Region Molise.


Prof. Ciani since 1992 has participated to more than 250 national and international conferences and seminars with their contributions.


Prof.Ciani is an experts of the EC DG-1B for Projects relating to Developing Countries.

He was responsible and coordinator (in 1996/97) of the ALFA Project, GEASUD, which involved the Universities of Perugia, Lisbon, Thessaloniki, Nacional de Costa Rica, Nacional del Litoral and Moron (Argentina), Brasilia (Brazil) and Valdivia (Chile). He was invited (February 1999) by “IRR 21th Century” Japanese MAF and the Gifu University, respectively to take on February 1
st 1999 a report on Italian Rural Tourism and an International Symposium in Tokyo and a Faculty Seminar on March 4, 1999. Prof. Adriano Ciani has turned in recent years postive international collaborations with Minnesota Extension Service, University of Iasi (Romania) by a Tempus Phare project with the University Litoral - Argentina, Godollo and Debrecen University in Hungary, Lisbon and Castelo Branco Godollo and Debrecen University(Portugal), Cordoba (Spain), Thessaloniki (Greece), Nacional of Costa Rica (Costa Rica), Brasilia (Brazil), Valdivia (Chile), with the Chugoku National Agricultural Experiment Station Hisroshima with Chiba University, Fukuoka, Hokkaido and Gifu (Japan). From 2001 as Scientific Attaché of the Italian Embassy in Tirana, and was responsible for Scientific and Technological Cooperation Protocol between Italy and Albania.


Prof. Ciani is member of 14 International Scientific Assosiation and founder of the Cultural and Scientific Association Biosphera.


1970-Bologna- award the first prize EIMA -"Prof. G. Vitali" Third edition- for the best thesis on agricultural mechanics discussed in the academic year 1969/70.

1997 - It 's named honorary member of the Academic Senates of the Romanian Universities: Agronomic Iasi, Cluj Agronomica, Alexandru Ioan Cuza of Iasi, Cluj and Maramures Bogdan Voda.

1998 - It 's been appointed Honorary Professor of the Institute of Agrarian Economy of Romania is an honorary member of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Agrarian Economy of Romania for the significant contribution to developing the rurale and research in agri-food economy reached under the auspices of the Institute.

2008 - Appointed symbol of
Durres City-Albania

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